Independent Thinking

At Bryn Mawr, students discover and explore the subjects that inspire a lifelong passion for learning.

With a world-class faculty, a rigorous curriculum, and top-notch students, Bryn Mawr offers an educational experience of remarkable depth and integrity for an institution of its size. Students take responsibility for their education, pursuing learning opportunities in the classroom and laboratory, across disciplines, and beyond Bryn Mawr's borders. By asking students to shape their own courses of study, Bryn Mawr cultivates an intense intellectual commitment that its graduates sustain long beyond their college years. The habits of mind, knowledge, and skills developed at Bryn Mawr foster a passion for lifelong learning.

Essential to the Bryn Mawr academic experience are

  • Breadth, Depth, and Independence: A curriculum that introduces several approaches to knowledge and encourages deep, independent investigation of the topics that most interest each student
  • World-class Teacher-Scholars: An accessible faculty of distinguished scholars whose research achievements are matched by a profound commitment to teaching and mentoring students —and a student-faculty ratio of 8:1
  • Gifted and Giving Peers: A diverse population of talented students who constantly challenge and support one another