Community College Connection

Community College Connection (C3) encourages women studying at the Community College of Philadelphia and Montgomery County Community College to continue their education toward a bachelor’s degree at Bryn Mawr College.

Students pursuing an A.A., A.S., or A.F.A. at either community college are eligible to apply. At the time of application, students should have completed or nearly completed their associate’s degree with strong core classes that cross disciplines.

The most competitive applicants demonstrate the potential and drive to complete a bachelor’s degree at a liberal arts college, have a G.P.A. of approximately 3.5 or higher, and demonstrate leadership abilities and critical thinking skills.

Though not eligible for this program, students at other community colleges may qualify to apply as transfer students.


C3 offers resources and support to an applicant throughout the process of applying and enrolling at Bryn Mawr.

Prior to applying, each applicant gets support from Bryn Mawr and community college staff to help plan course selections that will best prepare her for a successful future at Bryn Mawr.

During the application process, each applicant will meet with a Bryn Mawr dean to discuss her transfer credits. Each C3 application receives priority review. Like all applicants, C3 applicants receive personalized financial aid planning support and are reviewed holistically by the admissions office.

Once enrolled at Bryn Mawr, C3 students are given:

  • Specialized orientation and support from Bryn Mawr faculty and staff within a cohort of C3 students
  • A peer mentor who has previously transferred from a community college
  • One-on-one advising
  • Early course registration
  • Guaranteed funding for at least one summer of research or internship

Credit Transfer

Some community college courses will transfer; others will not. To get a sense of what courses might transfer, request that the Bryn Mawr dean of studies evaluate your transcript. She can also help you plan which courses to take at the community college prior to transferring.

One unit of credit at Bryn Mawr is equivalent to 4 credits at CCP or MCCC. In determining the number of total transfer units a student might earn, a Bryn Mawr dean will add up all the transferable credits and divide by 4. The result will represent the number of units that the student may transfer toward the 32 units required for the Bachelor's degree.

Transfer guides regarding how to prepare for our most popular majors will be available shortly.

Most courses taken through the honors curriculum at MCCC or CCP will transfer. Please keep in mind that the following courses will NOT transfer:

  • any course taken in an online format
  • any math course below calculus
  • any course that is not part of a liberal arts curriculum; eg. business, accounting, human services

Please note that the above information should only be used as a guideline.
Final decisions about the transfer of credit will not be made until the College has received your official transcript and your classes have been reviewed and approved by the Registrar.  If you are planning your coursework for the coming semester and would like detailed information about your particular situation, please contact us.