Jennifer Keegan

Assistant Director of Admissions

Territories: California, Asia (excluding South Korea, Singapore, and Nepal)

Additional Responsibilities: Liaison for Alumnae, Community Based Organizations, and Counselors



Phone: 610-526-7877

About Jennifer

Favorite Season: I love fall—especially on a college campus. It is so exciting to have all of the students back.

Favorite Philadelphia attraction: As a former history major, I love all of the historical spots throughout the city.

Favorite time of day: The early evening, especially in the summer time. It is a great time to go for a drive or get ice cream.

Favorite dessert: Ooh, cake batter milkshakes; actually, any kind of cookie or cake batter is pretty great.

On my reading list:
One Hundred Years of Solitude. I haven’t read it yet, and when I ask people for recommendations, it is always one that is mentioned.