"Creating a successful business in a rapidly changing world means not being afraid to teach yourself new things."

"When I was in college, the kind of financial advising I do didn't exist as a business field. But the skills I learned at Bryn Mawr—how to think analytically and sift through data, how to take a theoretical construct and apply it in practice, how to write clearly, persuasively and quickly—made it possible for me to follow my passion. Relying on my confidence in those skills, I took a calculated risk and created precisely the kind of business where I want to work."

Cheryl Holland '80
Principal and CEO, Abacus Planning Group,
Columbia, SC

Major: economics

Note: Charles Schwab, Inc. presented its first annual Impact Pacesetter Award to Abacus Planning Group, the financial-services firm founded by Cheryl Holland, who is a Bryn Mawr trustee. Abacus donated the $10,000 award to Bryn Mawr. See the video about Holland's business on the Impact Awards Web site.

Cheryl Holland '80