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Resources for Recent Graduates

About the Alumnae Association

Who We Are:

The Bryn Mawr College Alumnae Association is a non-profit, volunteer-driven network of roughly 20,000 former Mawrters from the Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post-Baccalaureate Programs.

Where We Are:

Everywhere (almost)! There are locally-organized Alumnae Clubs and Bryn Mawr Affinity Chapters in more than 30 domestic locations and five countries internationally.

The office of the Alumnae Association is housed in Wyndham on the Bryn Mawr campus.

What We Do:

The Alumnae Association is all about connections. We provide events, activities, and services which help connect alumnae to each other and back to the College community.

How We Can Help You:

Whether you're relocating to a new city, looking for personal development activities, trying to find an old friend, temporarily without health insurance, changing careers, interested in volunteer opportunities, or just trying to connect, there is a connection for you.

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Electronic Services

  • Athena's Web is a free, password-protected community of thousands of Bryn Mawrters, with personal profiles, blog space, job postings, interest groups, event listings, and classifieds. It's the newest and most effective way to connect with other Mawrters.
  • E-mail forwarding is another free service for graduating seniors. You can keep your brynmawr.edu alias as a forwarding account forever, no matter which mail provider you use. No need to worry about old contacts or updating the world when you change jobs or switch from Yahoo to Gmail! After graduation, log into BIONIC to and use the "self service" feature to direct mail from the brynmawr.edu alias to your personal account.
  • The Alumnae Listserv is an active community of more than 300 alumnae who constantly converse online. Because this is a high-traffic list, and is only recommended for those who can actively manage their e-mail inboxes and have a large storage limit.
  • The Online Directory/Careers Database is an extension of the same BIONIC you have used for class registration. It is more extensive than Athena's Web in terms of contact information, but with less personal detail.

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Local Services

  • Welcome to the City! A number of local clubs nationwide sponsor events for recent graduates in September, to help connect them with other Mawrters in the cities they've relocated to, and to talk about finding jobs, apartments, and other services.
  • Career Networking Events are held in major metropolitan areas (Chicago, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, New Haven (CT), San Francisco, and Washington, DC). Local CDO volunteers in these cities present professional development opportunities for those searching for jobs or looking to change careers.

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Basic Services

  • Short-Term Medical Insurance is available for graduating seniors (who may be losing their parents' policies or who may have a waiting period before their own benefits start) through a partnership with Meyers & Associates.
  • Free Career Counseling through the CPD is available to all alumnae. Keep your current counselor for the first year or two after graduation, or use the services of Debbie Becker, the dedicated Alumnae Career Counselor.

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