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The Emily Balch Seminars

Seminar Profiles

Bryn Mawr professors and students offer their reflections on the Balch experience in the following profiles of a sampling of seminars. Simply click on the links below to learn more about these seminars.

photo of illuminated manuscript page Bookmarks: Technologies of Writing and Reading, Ancient to Contemporary
In this seminar, students think about media change across very long spans of time and assess different writing and reading technologies for both their strengths and limitations. Read more»
photo of classical scultpureClassical Myth and the Contemporary Imagination
In this seminar, students consider a number of Greek and Roman myths, both in their “source” form (in translations of Greek drama, or the Metamorphoses of Ovid) and in various subsequent retellings, in poetry, prose, or drama. Read more»
photo of classical scultpurePerformance and Self
Students use a variety of texts to examine the ways we perform ourselves in daily life at the intersections of gender, race, and class. The course also looks at the ways artists and writers construct performances that convey these social and political aspects of identity. Read more»
image from antique mapTravel Tales and Understanding
This seminar covers a varied group of readings, all involving travel, exposure to new cultures, and the kinds of learning that come with exposure to unfamiliar and often thought-provoking values. Read more»

photo of an urban muralUrban Identities: Difference, Conflict, and Communities
In this seminar, students investigate life in the contemporary U.S. city, particularly in light of how city dwellers negotiate their diverse identities in shared living spaces. Read more»