Software Downloads

Software for personally-owned computers (Non-College)

The software below is available for personally-owned computers as per the terms listed by our pages or those of the manufacturer.  The College does not fully support this software on non-college computers, although basic installation assistance may be available for College-licensed products.  Free products are suggested based on the experience of our Staff and other users, and are not supported solutions.

If you need software for your College computer, please contact the Help Desk for assistance as some of the products listed below may conflict with packages already installed on your College computer, or the licenses available here may not be applicable.

Public Print Drivers

These are the drivers necessary for printing to public printers from your personal computer.

Anti-Malware Software (Free)


Some of the below products do have paid versions, which you are welcome to purchase.  However, the free version will likely do all that is required.

Note:  Run only one Anti-Virus per computer.  If changing software, previous software must be uninstalled completely.


Mathematica for Students

The copy of Mathematica (Mac and PC) downloadable here is for on-campus student use only.  Please do not install on college-owned computers.

Mathematica for Students

ChemDraw for Mac and PC

Chem Draw for any Bryn Mawr faculty, staff, student, or research location .  Please do not install on classroom or teaching lab machines.


Other suggested Free/OpenSource software

Adobe Reader

Mozilla Firefox

PuTTY SSH/Telnet client (PC)
SFTP clients: Fetch (Mac)/ WinSCP (PC)


Software for College-owned computers

Please call x7440 if you have any concerns about the antivirus and other software on your office or college-owned computer (including grant or college funded machines off-campus).