Createive Writing Program

Courses in creative writing within the Arts Program are designed for students who wish to develop their skills and appreciation of creative writing in a variety of genres (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, playwriting, screenwriting) and for those intending to pursue studies in creative writing at the graduate level.

Any English major may include one Creative Writing course in the major plan. Non-English majors may pursue a minor as described under Program Requirements and Opportunities. While there is no existing major in Creative Writing, exceptionally well qualified students have completed majors in Creative Writing through the Independent Major Program.

All students interested in Creative Writing courses must:

(1) preregister
(2) download and print a Creative Writing Program questionnaire, complete this and drop it off (hard copy) to Professor Karl Kirchwey's faculty mailbox in English House by the end of the pre-registration period


Announcing the 2013 Literary Prize Winners:

Academy of American Poets Prize (poetry)
WINNER: Thanh-Trang Hoang-Le
"A mathematician would assume," "old story," "uphill," "Monkey," "music," and "why my grandfather likes Christmas"
Gillian Diffendeerfer for "I.," "emergence," "A un conocido (To an Acquaintance)," and "tu mirada / your gaze"
Mowie Freeman for "Sometimes I think I don't need anything," "Like when Sally Waters returned to Red Hook," "Planting," and "all answers to hunger”

Bain-Swiggett Poetry Prize
WINNER: Hema Surendranathan, "On the Plane with My Grandmother"
Emily Strong, "Call Back"
Thanh-Trang Hoang-Le, "Hatching Chickens in Hanoi"

Alexandra Peschka Prize (imaginative writing: prose fiction or nonfiction)
WINNER: Hannah Hynes-Mumford "And Now I Think 'Dinner Plates’”
Kathryn Darling "Chincoteague"
Eileen Morgan "The Private Diary of Mr. John Tobias Williams, Esq."

Anne Kirschbaum Winkelman Literary Prize
(short story)
WINNER:  Hema Surendranathan, “Sorolineal”
HONORABLE MENTION: Laura Reeve, “Stolen Story”

Katherine Fullerton Gerould Award
(fiction, informal essays, poetry)
CO-WINNERS: Hannah Hynes-Mumford, “Hugging Saints”
Mattie Wechsler “Twice”

Seymour Adelman Poetry Award (poetry-related project)
WINNER: Mowie Freeman: The author proposes to revisit small towns in Ohio that inspired the poems and short prose written since 2012 when she cycled through them. She will gather the finished work into a self-published chapbook. The judges found her work notable for the rhythms, images and voices of a rural community seen as inseparable from the land.

                                                   * * * *

--CWP Lecturer Elizabeth Mosier's essay, "The Pit and the Page," appears in the latest issue of the magazine Creative Nonfiction. The Winter 2013 is devoted to women writers of nonfiction.

                                                    * * * *


The 2012 National Jewish Book Awards' Goldberg Prize for Outstanding Debut Fiction has gone to The Sensualist, a short novel by Bryn Mawr's Director of Creative Writing, Daniel Torday. Previous honorees have included Nathan Englander, Gary Shteyngart and Lara Vapnyar. This year's NJBA winners include Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel and The New Republic editor Franklin Foer.