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Bargaining for Bathrooms

<p><em><u>This article</u></em><em> originally appeared in </em>Inside Higher Ed<em>.</em></p>

What Is This Mysterious Sound in the Antarctic Ocean?

<p>After decades of hearing a strange &quot;ocean quack sound,&quot; scientists have finally <a href="">pi...

Taking Rube Goldberg Seriously

<p>Stop me if you’ve heard of these useless products: powdered water, double-sided playing cards, screen doors for a submarine. Ten-year-old me thought that these <a href="http://www.the...

Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The “What’s in Your School Lunch” Edition

<p><strong>Listen to Mom and Dad Are Fighting by clicking the arrow on the audio player below:</strong><strong></strong></p>

Race Still Matters

<p>Late last year, in a speech on economic mobility, President Obama <a href="

Farhad Manjoo’s Favorite Slate Story

<p><em>Since our founding in 1996 (1996!), <strong>Slate</strong> has published tens of thousands of articles. We’ve asked a group of former Slatesters to direct you to pi...

Why Upstart Thinks It’s Cracked the Code on Young People

<p>When it comes to getting a loan, post-collegiate twentysomethings are seen as high-risk borrowers. They tend to lack the data points that most lenders look at to assess the chance of defau...

The Aging World

<p>In a recent <em><a href="">Simpsons</a></em> episode, a Japanese tourist moves in with Comic Book Guy, infuriati...

Trust Nothing, Verify Everything

<p>Thomas Piketty’s <a href=""><em>Capital in the Twenty-First Century</em></a> is going to be the hottest beach ...

Running Calculators Are Inaccurate and Misleading

<p><strong><em>Help Slate build a better running calculator <a href="">by filling out a ...