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Research Opportunities

There are many opportunities for students to participate in and conduct research in geology at Bryn Mawr. Many geology courses include small independent research projects in the library or laboratory. All undergraduate majors complete a senior thesis involving independent research. Many undergraduates also participate in summer research experiences, either with Bryn Mawr faculty or faculty at other institutions.

Summer Internships

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Geoscience Research Programs at Bryn Mawr

Marine Sedimentology, Quaternary Paleoclimatology and Coastal Geology - Don Barber and the Bryn Mawr students he supervises conduct research that applies sedimentological, geophysical and geochemical techniques to study coastal processes, paleoceanography/paleoclimatology and geoarchaeology.  The Bryn Mawr geomorphology pages also provide info about this research.

Structural Geology, Paleomagnetism and Tectonics - Research in structural geology at Bryn Mawr is currently led by Arlo B. Weil. More info about Arlo's research is available here.

Paleontology - Paleontology at Bryn Mawr is focused on understanding Earth's changing life, climates and environments.  Pedro Marenco and his students use geochemical, sedimentologic and petrographic techniques to study mass extinctions and deep time climate change.  Katherine Marenco and her students are interested in organism-substrate interactions, Cambrian and Ordovician ecosystems, and ecosystem engineering (habitat modification through the activities of organisms). She is actively engaged in projects focused on the role of substrates in the Ordovician radiation and quantifying Cambrian bioturbation.  To learn more about paleontology at Bryn Mawr, visit Pedro Marenco's and Katherine Marenco's research pages.

Petrology - Maria Luisa Crawford and William A. Crawford have been engaged in a long term effort, in collaboration with colleagues at several other institutions including the University of Arizona, Princeton University, Virginia Tech, and West Chester University in the Appalachian belt in the Piedmont area of Pennsylvania and adjacent parts of Delaware and Maryland; and in the central part of the coast orogen of British Columbia and southeastern Alaska. Our goal is to to investigate mechanisms of crustal growth by tectonic accretion and associated deformation, by magmatic addition, and by uplift and to establish the thermal history of the rocks affected. At Bryn Mawr we emphasize igneous and metamorphic petrology and geochemistry as well as structural analysis of deep-seated rocks. Our collaborative arrangements provide access to isotopic geochemistry and geochronology. We also were part of the ACCRETE Continental Dynamics project team. Many students have participated in field and laboratory components of this research.

GIS – Geographic information services - Maria Luisa Crawford has been working with students to document the geological investigations carried out by current and past faculty members and students using GIS technology.  These projects aim to make these mostly archival data readily available to the geological community