Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute ASCENDING LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATE

Francis Lawn"When I applied, I hoped to build my knowledge base about management and to gain more clarity in terms of what knowledge and skills were needed to emerge as a strong leader.

 I got what I hoped for and even more. If moving up is important to you, then think about NELI. It gave me a toolbox of skills and knowledge I draw upon to excel.”
         Francis Lawn, Project Manager, Philadelphia Horticultural Society

Program Description:

The Ascending Leadership Certificate is designed to prepare middle managers for the great leap in mindset that must occur when they move from managing a department to leading an organization.This training program is focused on analyzing organizational systems and business functions. Workshops target the organization’s culture, its strategic planning processes, its internal leadership development, its financial and fundraising systems, the strength of its infrastructure, and its organizational accountability.  Ascending Leaders will also learn steps for effective career planning.

Have any Questions?

If you have questions about our program or our application process, please contact Margie DuBrow, Director, at or 610-520-2650.